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Our vision.

At Nedap, we trust in the diversity of people and organisations. We develop technology that helps people be more productive in their work by better matching their individual talents and capabilities. This makes employees happier and organisations more successful.

We are convinced that people and organisations can achieve more than even they think possible. There is always room to grow. That’s why we do everything we can to understand what people need in order to excel in their work.

Creativity, technological knowledge and boundless curiosity about what makes people successful are the most important pillars of our company. We’re here to ensure that people and organisations perform optimally.

Big and small at the same time.

What’s the scale? It doesn’t really matter to us how big an organisation is. We work with the relevant people to resolve specific issues. Since we often do this in small, targeted teams, you may sometimes get the impression that you’re working with a small organisation at Nedap. However, the extensive options and resources that you can find only in a large organisation will always be available to you. So, we’re actually big and small at the same time.

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Nedap at a glance.

An organisation like Nedap can’t be summarised in a few key figures. However, the following numbers will give you a better understanding of the size of our company.




Business Units


Offices worldwide



Life at Nedap.

Working at Nedap is being part of a flock. You have the power to change your course and to inspire others to follow. We work together on our fantastic campus in Groenlo in various business units and teams, and we share a common ambition. We aim to develop technology that helps people to be more productive and successful in their work.

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First people, then technology.

We want to help people make better use of their individual potential and talents. To do this, we first have to understand what people need in order to become better at their jobs. Our product developers have boundless curiosity about what makes people successful at work. Understanding this, and being able to translate the discovery into concrete solutions for the workplace, is what makes Nedap stand out from the competition throughout the world.

Our history

Since 1929

Accessibility in our ever-growing cities. Qualitative care on shrinking budgets. Increasingly stringent safety standards across the globe. These are just a few of the many topics that we at Nedap are working on every day. We believe that technology can make an important contribution to solving major issues.

Looking for a new challenge?

This is why you want to work at Nedap!

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A chance to be truly significant

Rather than producing anonymous products, we develop real solutions that create a more pleasant and successful work environment for everyone.

What we do

To be successful, you need to stay focused. Our technology brings order to complexity.

Our approach

At the heart of our Technology for life philosophy is our drive to truly understand what people need to excel in their workplace.