Introducing Nedap’s smallest RF-based EAS system yet

Nedap (AMS:NEDAP), a global leader in EAS solutions in retail, is pleased to announce the i15 Go. Nedap’s i15 Go is an RF-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system, purposefully designed to combine performance, style, and security.

The i15 Go is the latest addition to Nedap’s iSenseGo EAS portfolio. Wouter Kaag, Product Manager at Nedap elaborates on the design of the i15 Go: “The i15 Go is our smallest antenna yet. The width of the antenna is only 15 centimeters or about 6 inches. This means that the i15 Go is a perfect antenna for entrances, where shoppers need to be able to grab their items from shelves. But the i15 Go can also be used in self-checkout zones, where space is limited, but where a sound EAS system is increasingly important. Its stylish design blends in with every store design.”

A high performance iSenseOS
A lot of research has gone into developing an antenna with a small footprint while keeping the same high level of performance. In stores’ challenging and ever-changing environments, the i15 Go adapts to these new circumstances.

Wouter Kaag: “The i15 Go maintains its performance over time with iSenseOS: our intelligent operating system (OS) that is inside every iSenseGo EAS antenna. This allows retailers to monitor their systems’ health, receive new features, and get notifications when there are issues. This all happens automatically through our leading EAS management cloud platform.

Instant Awareness
The i15 Go has been thoroughly tested by global food retailers. The i15 Go was also showcased at the latest edition of EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe’s largest retail technology trade show.

Wouter Kaag: “One thing that has been remarked upon was the always-on light. If the light is on, store staff knows that the system alarms as it should.  But if the light is off, store staff will immediately know there is an issue with the system. This enables a faster response time, as store staff can directly flag issues with the system with the responsible technical team. In more than 80% of the issues, they can be solved remotely by logging in to the system remotely.”

The i15 Go will be further piloted in the upcoming months. The first batch of production units is expected to roll off the assembly line in Q4 2024.

Key features

  • Small size, ideal for retail entrances or SCO-zones
  • Always-on light indicates if the system is working
  • Reimagined design
  • Built-in connectivity with iSenseOS
  • With its relatively low weight, compared to similar ferrite antennas which are much heavier, the i15 Go is easier to install