An interview with Tom Bolanos – Account Executive US Sales for Nedap Retail

At Nedap Retail we offer total solutions in terms of RFID technology. When I was approached by a recruiter, it was that aspect of RFID technology that sounded interesting to me. Having an eye for the whole picture: it seemed wonderful to me. Moreover, I wanted to travel more. Well, that appears to be very possible within this position. I am traveling for more than half the time. If that suits you and if you can handle your own responsibility as well: then Nedap could be a guaranteed match. You will have a lot of freedom in exchange for your innovative mindset that makes you want to continuously learn and grow.

Mutual appreciation

I have been working as a Sales and Account Executive at Nedap since 2017. The international environment offers me an incredible amount of possibilities, which I appreciate a lot. Besides, I can see that my work at Nedap is appreciated. So, despite my first doubts (Wouldn’t language be a problem? Would the Nedap culture suit me?), I am glad I convincingly said ‘yes’ to this challenge.

‘Because we also take hardware into account, we can offer our customers a much better RFID solution.’

Tom Bolanos

Account Executive US Sales

Totally RFID

When I started considering Nedap as my potential employer, the technologies that I would work with really caught my attention. At my previous job, we also worked with RFID. But we never used the possibilities of this technology as optimal as we do here at Nedap. Because we involve hardware in our solution, we found many more possibilities. And I believe that is how we offer our customers the most suitable solution. Finding those solutions time after time is incredibly inspiring to me.

‘Nedap’s focus is employee well-being.’

Business welfare versus employee well-being

The system in America is often focused on the company’s welfare. Here at Nedap, I experience a completely different approach: Nedap’s focus is employee well-being. So, from a healthy starting point, employees can add true value to the company. Another big difference is that American companies are mostly profit-driven, with less attention for the development of knowledge. You can tell by the hard targets they set or by monthly investor meetings in which numbers play the main role. Here at Nedap, we approach customers and partners by listening. And that business culture suits me well. Many of my American friends who I tell about our working method at Nedap hope that American companies will increasingly embrace this mentality too.

‘At Nedap we approach customers and partners by listening.’

Ik niet spreek Nederlands! (I don’t speak Dutch)

Of course, we have got some challenges. The biggest challenge is to stay in the same flow as our head office in Groenlo. Although we are constantly connected, we are not always physically in the same place. And then, sometimes things can get lost in translation. Another challenge: Dutch colleagues speaking Dutch together when we work at the office in Groenlo. We Americans cannot understand your language, guys! Fortunately, everyone at Nedap speaks English fluently and switching to English is easily done.

‘Could you handle it: no fixed working hours, no fixed holidays, no hierarchy but a lot of room for personal development and personal growth?’

Feeling like personal responsibility, freedom and traveling?

Are you ready for a new challenge? Do you want to help build our Nedap Retail brand in America? Can you handle the responsibility – and freedom – of no fixed working hours, no fixed holidays, no hierarchy but a lot of room for personal development and personal growth? Then this is your chance! Do keep in mind that you will travel a lot for work. In my case that means traveling more than half my time for Nedap, which I love! But it has to suit you and your situation.


Nedapper Tom Bolanos

‘Since 2017 I have been part of Nedap’s team in America. Working at Nedap appears to be a great way to develop yourself and thus add value to the company. An approach my previous employers did not have. And most importantly, Nedap really feels like a family. We are with many, sometimes miles apart and yet always connected because we pursue the same goal from our shared mission and vision.’

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