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Perhaps you’d like to carry on studying for a while, but you’d also like to get started on your career. You’re fascinated by software development, both front-end, and back-end, especially when it comes to web applications. Ideally, you’d like to combine work and study, so that you can really immerse yourself in a direction that suits you.

Do you have a (beta-oriented) academic education, no more than two years of work experience, and are ambitious and enterprising? Then Nedap University is the foundation your career needs!

The next edition of Nedap University will take place in 2025, however, it is not yet possible to register for it. If you are interested, please keep an eye on our pages.

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About the programme.

The Nedap University programme comprises six modules, each lasting three months. For one and a half years, you will work two days a week as a software developer in a development team at a Nedap business unit. On the three remaining days, you will attend lectures at the University of Twente and study the theory behind software development. This will allow you to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice immediately.

The 6 modules.

Module 1

Software systems

In the first module, you will learn how to design and build software, from the analysis of program requirements to the delivery of a working program.

Module 2

Network systems

In the second module, you will study computer networks, such as the Internet.

Module 3

Data & information

In the third module, you will learn how to process relevant business information in databases. You will become familiar with data management concepts and relational databases.

Module 4

Becoming a critical software developer

In the fourth module, you will work on developing a critical mindset. As a software developer, you must be capable of making well-considered choices in relation to the application of specific techniques, possibilities and concepts. You will learn how to make and substantiate decisions, and how to evaluate and optimise these choices in practice.

Module 5


A good web application is not the same thing as a useful web application. In the fifth module of the programme, you will learn all about user experience and the importance of good UX for web applications.

Module 6

Discrete structures

Discrete structures and efficient algorithms are the silent force behind successful software. In the sixth and last module, you will become familiar with numerous mathematical structures, such as statistics, geometric and algebraic elements, networks and languages.


Congratulations on your graduation from Nedap University! You are now ready to work on the development of Technology for Life.

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