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Gain practical experience

You’ve acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge during your studies. But what can you do with it in practice? A great deal at Nedap. We invest in talent, meaning that we take you and your personal development very seriously. During your internship or graduation assignment, you act as a full member of our team. In this way, you not only gain new knowledge, but you also get to know yourself better and gain an insight into your own talents and possibilities.

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An internship at Nedap shows you the world outside the lecture halls and allows you to get to know yourself better. As an intern, you are a full member of the team and will be given the freedom to express your ideas and develop the skills you consider important.

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Are you in the final phase of your studies and looking for an organization that will challenge you to apply all your acquired knowledge and skills? Then Nedap is what you're looking for. In addition to the right guidance, you will be given the freedom to shape your assignment how you like it.

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Are you busy with your studies but would you like a part-time job? At Nedap, you will be given a relevant job that matches your studies and allows you to develop your skills and network. A part-time job at Nedap will give you relevant and important practical experience during your studies.

Internships, graduation assignments & student jobs

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    Open application

    Do you want to work at Nedap, but can’t find your ideal internship or graduation project listed here? Then send an open application to our campus recruiter, Vera. She would be happy to tell you more about your opportunities at Nedap.

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