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Nedap Staffing Solutions wants intermediaries to be the best they can be. That’s why we think administration should be a minor issue. With PEP, intermediaries have more time to use their talents for the things that really matter: the people.
Access control, intrusion detection, video- and lockermanagement.
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Intermediaries make the difference in the temporary employment sector

Intermediaries work with people. Connecting and building relationships with customers and flexworkers is the key factor in this job. The stronger the relationship, the higher the perceived quality. To build and maintain this relationship, the intermediary has to feel involved and enjoy the work he/she is doing. Yet the time consuming and traditional task of administration is often seen as the main task. We see it as a minor task.

Our solutions

We believe our products should be easy to implement and use. They create a better overview, work more efficient, reduce the error rate and free time to spend on commerce. They connect customer, flexworker and intermediary, creating a mutual and independent source of information that prevents ambiguity. Most of all, our solutions inspire intermediaries to be the best they can be.

Discussion partner

PEP removes a considerable amount of administration, freeing up time and space for optimising processes. PEP also provides knowledge that, to date, was difficult to glean for the client, turning intermediaries into valuable discussion partners who bring important added value. It’s a great way to build solid relationships!

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