Today, Nedap announces the launch of the Checkout Antenna for loss prevention in food retail. The Checkout Antenna can reach an alarm response rate of nearly 100% without the cost of security guards. This new solution also decreases stress caused by alarms for both customers and for checkout staff.

“By introducing the Checkout Antenna, we are making a big step towards bringing together customer-friendliness and security in food retail,” said Dennis Brian, Sales Director of Food Retail at Nedap. “This antenna is placed at the end of the conveyor belt, before the payment terminal. It allows checkout staff and customers to maintain eye contact throughout the process. Staff can respond to a discrete alarm in a natural way causing potential losses to become sales. Stressful situations at the checkout are avoided, which contributes to a pleasant shopping experience while improving article security levels. This results in much higher alarm response rates than with traditional EAS systems positioned at store exits – and without the expense of security guards.”

Suitable for new and existing checkout installations
Nedap has already integrated the Checkout Antenna technology with various leading manufacturers.  This allows for ease of integration, a polished finish and ensures optimum use of space in checkout aisles.  The Checkout Antenna is also suitable for attaching to existing checkouts, and still utilizes less space than most types of antenna.

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