Nedap is a public limited liability company, incorporated under Dutch law with its registered office in Groenlo, the Netherlands. Nedap has a two-tier Board. The Management Board is responsible for long-term value creation, to formulate an appropriate strategy and to achieve the targets ensuing from this strategy. The Management Board is supervised by the Supervisory Board and reports annually to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

As a Dutch public limited liability company, Nedap is subject to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Corporate governance provides for good business conduct, including transparency in all actions by the Management Board and proper supervision thereof, as well as being accountable for the exercise of this supervision.

Supervisory Board

Ir. G.F. Kolff (7 September 1948), chairman, male
Wide management experience, in-depth knowledge of technology and the ability to translate technology into solutions and business opportunities, financial insight, organisational know-how and solid communication skills.

Profession/most recent positionCEO Shtandart TT B.V.
Other relevant positionsNone
Initial appointment17 April 2012
Current term of office2016-2020
Supervisory Board membershipsPaques Holding B.V. (Chairman)
Smits Bouwgroep B.V. (SBB)


Prof. dr. ir. J.M.L. van Engelen (14 August 1959), vice-chairman, male
Wide management experience, expertise in industrial product development,  financial insight, and has a extended network at knowledge centers.

Profession / principal positionProfessor of Integrated Sustainable Solutions at the   Faculty Industrial Design,  Delft  University of Technology
Other relevant positionsProfessor of Business Development at the Faculty Economics  and Business Administration, University of Groningen
Initial appointment16 April 2013
Current term of office2017-2021
Supervisory Board membershipsMember Supervisory Board  Espria
Member Supervisory Board Pension Fund Zorg & Welzijn
Member Supervisory Board CentER Data, Tilburg University
Board member   Triade   Foundation, University  Medical Center Groningen


M.A. Scheltema (17 November 1954), female
Extensive knowledge and experience in the financial sector at listed companies and in deployment of resources in proposition development and marketing, as well as up-to-date and practical experience with regulations for accounting and stock exchange listing.

Profession/principal position(Full-time) Supervisory Board member
Other relevant positions(Deputy) expert member of the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
Chair of the Monitoring Committee overseeing compliance with the Code of the Dutch Federation of Pension Funds
Member of the Central Planning Committee at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)
Treasurer at the Genootschap Onze Taal
Initial appointment5 April 2018
Current term of office2018-2022
Supervisory Board membershipsSupervisory Board member at Schiphol Group
Supervisory Board member at De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.
Supervisory Board member at Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam
Supervisory Board member at TNT Express B.V.
Non-executive Director at Lonza Group AG, (Switzerland)


Ir. M.C. Westermann MBA (29 October 1952),  male
Wide management experience, entrepreneurship, commercial focus, broad expertise in ICT, feeling for innovation.

Profession/principal positionExecutive board member DIH International
Other relevant positionsNone
Initial appointment12 May 2009
Current term of office2017-2019
Supervisory Board membershipsTriple-P
Chairman Barenbrug Holding B.V.

Board of Management

R.M. Wegman
E. Urff

Executive Team

Business Units

HealthcareG. Droppers
Identification SystemsJ.B.F. van der Willik
Light ControlsJ. Somsen
Livestock ManagementA.B.M. Verstege
RetailR. Schuurman
Security ManagementF. van der Zee
Staffing SolutionsG.K. Hollander
Nedap SMART P.G.M. Oostendorp

Corporate Governance Code

Given the company’s innovative, project-driven and flexible style of entrepreneurship, Nedap has opted to apply certain provisions of the Corporate Governance Code in a different way. All such instances of non-standard application are explained in the same order as the Code.

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Principles & Policies

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Management board
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General information
Corporate Governance Code
Articles of Association
Code of Conduct
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