Nedap’s policy is aimed at creating sustainable added value for customers, staff and shareholders. Nedap translates expertise of markets and technology into innovative and leading propositions based on which leading positions are built in different markets. In doing so, Nedap focuses on products, activities, and markets where they can truly make a difference. This forms the basis for long-term autonomous growth of revenue and results.

In supervising the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board must always factor in these basic principles. They must also make themselves available to the Board of Directors in an advisory role. This requires a balanced Supervisory Board, where management experience and broad expertise in the areas of finance, technology and commerce are coupled with affinity for and a strong sense of:

  • entrepreneurship
  • hands-on management in a flat organization that is based on distinctive strengths
  • attracting talent and enabling talent to grow
  •  innovation and proposition development
  • sustainable organisational development, striking a balance between a short-term and a long-term focus
  • building scalable business models in an international environment
  • developments in society

By and large, the Supervisory Board is required to adopt a critical attitude towards the Board of Directors. Its members must be independent from the company and each other, and possess complementary qualities. The aim is for the composition of the Supervisory Board to reflect the society in which Nedap operates. The Supervisory Board will never have more than five members.

Profiles of Supervisory Board Members

Ir. G.F. Kolff (September 7, 1948), chairman, male
Wide management experience, in-depth knowledge of technology and the ability to translate technology into solutions and business opportunities, financial insight, organisational know-how and solid communication skills.

Profession/most recent positionCEO Shtandart TT B.V.
Other relevant positionsNone
Initial appointment17 April 2012
Current term of office2016-2020
Supervisory Board membershipsPaques Holding B.V. (Chairman)
Smits Bouwgroep B.V. (SBB)


Prof. dr. ir. J.M.L. van Engelen (August 14, 1959), vice-chairman, male
Wide management experience, expertise in industrial product development,  financial insight, and has a extended network at knowledge centers.

Profession / principal positionProfessor of Integrated Sustainable Solutions at the   Faculty Industrial Design,  Delft  University of Technology
Other relevant positionsProfessor of Business Development at the Faculty Economics  and Business Administration, University of Groningen
Initial appointment16 April 2013
Current term of office2017-2021
Supervisory Board membershipsMember Supervisory Board  Espria
Member Supervisory Board Pension Fund Zorg & Welzijn
Member Supervisory Board CentER Data, Tilburg University
Board member   Triade   Foundation, University  Medical Center Groningen


Drs. D.W.J. Theyse (June 13, 1968), female
Thorough financial knowledge, management experience and up-to-date and practical knowledge and experience with listed companies and the related regulatory environment.

Profession/principal positionCorporate Strategic Director DPA Group N.V.
Other relevant positionsNone
Initial appointment29 april 2010
Current term of office2014-2018
Supervisory Board membershipsNone


Ir. M.C. Westermann MBA (October 29, 1952),  male
Wide management experience, entrepreneurship, commercial focus, broad expertise in ICT, feeling for innovation.

Profession/principal positionExecutive board member DIH International
Other relevant positionsNone
Initial appointment12 May 2009
Current term of office2017-2019
Supervisory Board membershipsTriple-P
Chairman Barenbrug Holding B.V.