In more and more countries low feed-in tariffs for self-generated energy are combined with high purchase prices for the energy that you use. In these countries our PowerRouter can store unused solar energy in batteries to make it available for your own use later. This way you become more independent from rising energy prices ánd decrease your energy bills.
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The energy of the future

As energy prices continue to rise and the debate about fossil fuels rages on, solar energy remains a sustainable alternative. We believe that we can help people to generate their own solar energy to become more independent in a sustainable way. The PowerRouter technology is a must-have for a truly sustainable future.

Your own power station

The PowerRouter is a compact, all-in-one device that manages solar panels, batteries, electrical devices and the connection to the electrical grid. This Energy Systems technology can increase the self-consumption of your solar energy by 70%, which heavily reduces your electricity bill. Now and in the future. This way we help people to become sustainably independent in an era of rising energy prices.