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Dairy farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide work with Nedap Livestock Management solutions. Regardless the size of their herd, our technology allows them to keep a sharp eye on their animals' welfare, providing insights into the health and fertility status of each individual cow. This enables farmers to address each cow’s individual needs, improving profit and the cow's well-being.
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Our planet’s population growth has led to an increasing demand for milk and meat. Every livestock farmer is now faced with the need to increase their farm while meeting increasingly stringent requirements for quality and food safety. As a result, the monitoring, management and care of individual animals’ reproduction and health are becoming more important than ever.

Smarttag Leg and Neck

Nedap Livestock Management’s intelligent solutions have made us a world leader in the area of heat detection and health monitoring. Our unique Smarttag Leg and Neck can monitor an individual cow’s behaviour 24/7. The livestock farmer receives a signal immediately if an animal’s behaviour changes, allowing them to respond rapidly to their fertility and/or health issues. Our Smarttag Neck – combined with beacons in the barn – also provides farmers with cow positioning information with just one push on the button. Both of these tags can also be equipped with a Nedap RFID for individual animal recognition in the milking parlour, feeding stations or for sorting and routing.

All-in-one solution

Nedap is the first company to combine heatdetection, health monitoring, cow positioning information and ISO identification in one intelligent label. We are also closely linked with the dairy and beef industry, and we develop all of our systems in close cooperation with dairy and beef farmers. Our solutions are therefore specifically designed to save time, provide insight into herd reproductionand health, and contribute to sustainable solutions for a healthy dairy and beef industry.

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