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Nedap is the global market leader in the field of UV lamp driver. UV light is more and more used for the drying of solvent free inks, coatings and paint. What is more, UV light is extremely effective and environmentally friendly in the water treatment process. Both at large scale and small scale.
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Treatment of ballast water

With over 20 years of experience in the control of UV light, Nedap is an established name in this particular market.

Technological solutions from Nedap are used for a variety of applications, including the treatment of ballast water on ships. That way, we are playing our part in ensuring that maritime ecosystems remain in the best of health.

In addition to the treatment of ballast water, Nedap’s systems are also used for the purification of process-, waste-  and drinking water. In that context, 8.3 billion liters of water are purified using Nedap UV lamp drivers at the largest drinking water purification plant in the world and the inhabitants of New York are able to enjoy clean drinking water thanks to our technology.

UV Curing

UV Curing is a technology that enables specific types of ink, paint, glues and coatings to be cured extremely quickly with the help of UV light. It is used in areas such as professional digital inkjet printers, printing presses and floor coating  offering a solvent free process. That is why several leading, global equipment manufacturers make use of this type of technology from Nedap.


The Naïade is a mobile, stand-alone UV water-treatment device powered by  solar energy. This solution from Nedap means that people in  rural areas or in areas affected by natural disasters , like earthquakes and flooding, have access to safe drinking water.

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