Technology concern Nedap has expanded its services at the port of Antwerp. Nedap has been working with the biggest seaport in Belgium since 2005. Technology experts recently outfitted ‘the Havenhuis’, a central meeting point at the port, with three new technological solutions. Through SENSIT, a system of advanced parking sensors, all drivers are well-informed on the available number of parking spaces. This has significantly improved the traffic flow at the port. Nedap has equipped the Havenhuis with its AEOS-system, which ensures optimal security of the building. Furthermore, Nedap has installed a specialized anti-theft system in the extensive library of the building.


Challenges of the future

Around 500 port employees work in the Havenhuis. It is also a central meeting point for visitors of the port. Nedap-CEO Ruben Wegman: “With a combination of Nedap-systems, we have outfitted an important part of this cutting edge port with user-friendly technological solutions to prepare it for the challenges of today and tomorrow. The improvement of the traffic flow through the modern parking facility and the port site is an excellent example.”


Architecture and technology

Marc De Caluwé, network engineer at the port of Antwerp: “Security is evidently crucial to a global port. A large portion of the built complexes has already been outfitted with the AEOS access control system. We decided to expand the Nedap-services to the Havenhuis and to combine different Nedap systems at this location. For example, with SENSIT, drivers are informed about real-time availability of parking spaces and are guided to free spaces.”


Wegman: “Our colleagues work together within different projects globally to ensure the best service for our customers. In this case that cooperation has resulted in a great combination of smart security of the building, precise monitoring of the traffic flow and automated management of the port library with its 4.500 books, countless magazines and numerous research papers and annual reports. The Havenhuis is a true landmark where modern architecture and technology meet.”