City accessibility in a time of continuous population growth. Quality healthcare in the face of shrinking budgets. Security requirements in a world with increasing risks. These are just a few of the issues that Nedap people work on each day. We believe that technology can provide an important contribution to resolve major issues.

Relevant, elegant and user-friendly

Nedap’s mission: Moving markets with technology that matters.
Our technology creates added value through products that solve relevant problems. But it’s not the technology that is paramount…it’s the way that people use it. Therefore, we strive to incorporate the very latest technologies in creative, innovative ways. The result? Relevant, elegant and user-friendly solutions.

Broad in-house expertise

Different problems demand different expertise. Each of Nedap’s in-house business units have  deep insight into their particular market segment. This results in carefully balanced combinations of the latest technologies with detailed market knowhow to create systems that focus on relevant issues for today and tomorrow.

Intelligent collaboration and entrepreneurship

By combining the wide range of experiences and expertise throughout the Nedap organization and the insight in specific markets we significantly reduce our ‘time to market’ for new products. The valuable cross-fertilisation between colleagues is the key to success at Nedap. In our flat organisational structure decisions are based on the quality of arguments instead of a position in the hierarchy. Initiative, creativity, drive and perseverance characterise everyone who works at Nedap. And we encourage our employees to demonstrate their personal entrepreneurship by building new propositions that move markets.



The N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” was established in 1929. It has been exchange-listed since 1947 and employs more than 680 people worldwide.

Nedap. Technology that matters.