The revolutionary Nedap PorkSense state-of-the-art software gives the producer 100% insight and control of his farm management processes. Every day multiple weights of each finishing pig are being collected by the Nedap PorkTuner and processed into valuable management information to control large-scale farms of almost unlimited size. Optimal feed diets can be compiled accurately based on the current pig weights. Accurate data on pig performance supports efficient market forecasting.

Traditional systems
Typical finishing barns are built with a one-size-fits-all approach, making accurate phase-feeding and market weight projections impossible. In that style of the barn, you must feed to averages rather than feeding the right diet based on pig weight. You also spend time manually sorting pigs and run the risk of non-uniform finishing groups.

The Nedap PorkSense technology fine-tunes finishing pig management because farmers can feed pigs precision based, allowing them to minimize feed waste and maximize bonuses for uniform finishing groups.

Operations of any size
Nedap PorkSense is scalable and perfect suitable for finishing farms of almost unlimited size. The current Nedap PorkSense largest operation has 145 Nedap PorkTuners for 77,000 finishers. The management of all these pigs in all sections is executed on central level with the Nedap PorkSense software dashboard.

100% insight and control
The Nedap PorkSense state-of-the-art software gives the farmer 100% control of his management processes, such as changes that could indicate an environmental, feed or health problem of his finishing pigs.

The Nedap PorkTuner is an essential tool of the Nedap PorkSense proposition. The system weighs each pig before it enters one of the two feeding courts. The Nedap PorkTuner selects lightweight pigs for a more nutrient-dense diet and heavier pigs for a less expensive diet. When a pig reaches market weight, the Nedap PorkTuner automatically cuts it from the group by directing it to a delivery section.

Special features and advantages

  • Accurate data and pig performance supports efficient market forecasting for maximum return on investment
  • Feeding pigs by weight rather than by averages allows for the most cost-effective use of feed and eliminates feed waste
  • Multiple phase feeding and automated delivery of market-weight pigs saves labor and feed costs
  • Delivery forecast over the farm, e.g. based on optimal truckload
  • Feeding to animal needs, so farmers receive bonuses and can avoid penalties from pork processors
  • 99% effective use of floor-space allows farmers to produce more meat per square feet
  • Suitable for virtually any farm size
  • All the collected data is securely stored and easily shared with third parties using Cloud services
  • Automatic connection with feed supply system: automatically compile feed diet based on current pig weight
  • Optionally mark pigs in a certain weight- or growth range