At the upcoming EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, from 5 – 9 March 2017, Nedap presents its latest innovations that boost the product availability in retail stores. The !Sense Lumen and !D Cloud software suite enable effective loss prevention and improved stock management, which lead to perfect on-shelf product availability and enable true Omnichannel retailing.

At the Nedap (booth 6B09), visitors can join an experience tour and a series of round table sessions to have in-depth discussions with other retailers on topics like RFID deployments, global loss prevention strategies and Omnichannel retailing.

!Sense Lumen: Intelligent light, sound and alarm management
Nedap introduces the new !Sense Lumen line for article surveillance and article tracking in retail stores. The antennas can be placed in the key locations in the store to track stock movements – at the store exit, at the transition between the stockroom and the sales floor and in the back of house for goods receiving. The !Sense Lumen antennas are tailored towards enhancing the user experience through its advanced light and sound options. The antennas notify the store staff with different signals for RF and RFID alarms, metal detection, alarm direction (incoming or outgoing alarm) and RFID stock movements.

!D Top: More selling space without false alarms
Nedap’s !D Top is a high-performance, ceiling-mounted RAIN RFID* reader that takes up no selling space in the store, offers reliable detection and prevents false alarms with state-of-the-art tag filtering and direction detection. The overhead readers blend seamlessly into the store design and filter out non-moving tags in the direct environment of the reader. This makes it possible to place tagged merchandise in the premium selling space near the store entrance. The !D Top can be used stand-alone as RFID-based EAS system or as an RFID upgrade to any existing traditional EAS system.

!D Cloud: Accurate stock data & Omnichannel enablement
The !D Cloud software suite is a Software as a Service solution specifically developed for retail applications, giving retailers the quickest route to implement RFID and improve their in-store stock accuracy to over 98%. !D Cloud translates the collected data from handheld and fixed RAIN RFID readers in the stores into comprehensive lists that highlight the out-of-stocks and overstocks. Thereby, the causes of stock differences, through losses or administrative errors, can be identified and dealt with more quickly.

A better understanding of the actual on-shelf product availability enables retailers to finally do perfect replenishment which proves to significantly increase sales. The detailed insights into the exact location of each item also makes it possible to connect the stock of the physical stores with the retailer’s online platforms. This is the basis to successfully introduce Omnichannel concepts like “click & collect” or “buy online & return offline” without adding complexity or a separate supply chain.

* RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate and authenticate items. As a member, Nedap promotes the adoption of RAIN RFID technology solutions in the fashion retail industry together with industry organizations, technology partners and customers.


Visit Nedap at Hal 06, stand B09 during EuroShop 2017.