Nedap will launch a new generation of dynamic light management systems at Light & Building, that takes place from 13. to 18. March in Frankfurt, Germany. Nedap Luxon dynamic light management suits every luminaire brand or type and combines optimized performance with maximum savings during the complete lifecycle of lighting systems.

Nedap Luxon Light Management dashboard

Software modules Developed to accelerate savings, Nedap Luxon offers intuitive light management software that enables combined control strategies, such as time scheduling, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing. This avoids an unnecessary waste of energy. Additional modules make it possible to pro-actively manage lighting maintenance and energy efficiency initiatives.

Wireless DALI Activator Connecting luminaires with Nedap Luxon make them even more cost-effective and truly sustainable. New in the Luxon controls product portfolio is the Luxon DALI Activator (DALI 1&2). The Activator provides wireless control of any DALI compatible luminaire, regardless of brand.

About Nedap Luxon Nedap Luxon dynamic light management enables wireless control of luminaires. It provides online access to the entire lighting system, allowing for remote monitoring, adjustments, data mining and software updates. This ensures a continuous and lasting performance. To ensure the right light, at the right place, at the right time, under all conditions.