Nedap presents new PowerRouter Unifit – the universal battery manager for any brand of inverter

Nedap has presented a new product at Intersolar in Munich: The PowerRouter Unifit. A universal product for problem-free upgrading of existing and new photovoltaic systems, wind and co-generation power facilities, to create a modern energy-storage system capable of providing solar energy around the clock. The product is simply an intelligent battery manager that can be connected to any brand of inverter. With the introduction of the PowerRouter Unifit, Nedap is responding to the increasing demand for solutions to maximise own use of self-generated energy.

Storage is the future
Rising energy prices and especially the falling feed-in rates are making it increasingly attractive to store self-generated solar energy for use whenever you want it and so achieve the maximum possible self-use amount.

Traditional systems with a standard inverter can only use the energy generated or feed it back into the grid. The self-use amount is 20%. Thanks to the PowerRouter Unifit, this can be increased to 70%. The ability to extend an existing solar system to form an energy-storage system not only saves money but is also sustainable and ensures maximum independence from the grid.
Managing Director Wouter Klunder about the PowerRouter Unifit: “Our customers are searching for more independency from the grid, and want to save money in a sustainable way. With the PowerRouter Unifit we respond to the feedback from the market. We provide our installers and Business Partners with an innovative new product, to create new business opportunities.”

The Nedap PowerRouter Unifit will go on sale in Germany in September 2014. The product will then be launched in other countries.

How the PowerRouter Unifit works
The revolutionary PowerRouter Unifit is an intelligent battery manager that is compatible with any inverter. If the system produces energy and there is enough power for all connected consumers, the PowerRouter Unifit stores the excess energy in attached Lithium-Ion batteries. After sunset or if the sky is cloudy, household power is provided from the energy stored in the batteries. That way, the PowerRouter Unifit unit optimises its customers’ self-generated power.

Installation of the mere 16.5 kg PowerRouter is quick and easy, without the need for additional tools or adapters. The upgrade to a full energy-storage system can be made regardless of how the existing system operates. Also, the integrated Battery Manager allows Lithium-Ion batteries to be connected using 48 Vdc. And in addition to the classic Nedap green, the PowerRouter Unifit is also available in red, blue, grey and yellow. That way you can match styles with the colour of the inverter.

Unique & efficient

The PowerRouter has different intelligent functionalities, for example the 3-phase compensation, the dynamic feed-in limiter and the practical energy management. The efficient energy management of the PowerRouter allows “surplus” energy to be used for extra consumers. If the grid power fails, the system is designed to be separated completely from the power grid and the load switched to local out.

Practical online monitoring
The PowerRouter Unifit has an Internet connection, so detailed system information can be called up, managed and compared. This applies not only to the PowerRouter Unifit but also the inverter already installed. The whole system can be monitored.

Nedap PowerRouter
Nedap has been marketing the PowerRouter world wide since 2009. Nedap has always concentrated on sustainable and clean energy production, and has developed the intelligent PowerRouter family – a system for the best possible optimisation of self-use of renewable energy. With its unique PowerRouter portfolio, Nedap offers an attractive and viable solution for doing more with solar energy.