Nedap is recognized with the Intertraffic Parking Solutions Award 2017 for its smart parking solution in the Turkish city of Izmir. During the ceremony at the start of Intertraffic Istanbul, Nedap’s SENSIT smart parking sensors received this prestigious award. In this project, SENSIT monitors the vehicle occupancy of individual parking spaces in the streets of Izmir. This results in improved parking guidance and efficient monitoring of all paid, time restricted and disabled parking zones.

2000 smart parking spaces in Izmir

As part of the cities’ large scale Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) implementation, that includes solutions to optimize traffic and transportation, 2.000 parking spaces are equipped with Nedap’s smart parking sensor system SENSIT. Thanks to this solution, the city of Izmir has found a smart way to reduce traffic congestion and to increase the utilization of existing parking spaces.

Integrated with the traffic management platform of Cross, the vehicle occupancy of individual parking spaces in the streets of Izmir is monitored by SENSIT. Based on real-time information, motorists are guided to available spaces easily. In addition all paid, time restricted and disabled parking zones can be monitored efficiently. The project was realized by the Czech companies Cross in a joined-venture with AZD Praha.

Solving mobility challenges

“We are honored with this recognition by the professional jury. This award emphasizes that Nedap’s SENSIT is seen as the leading smart parking platform for on-street parking in cities worldwide. It is great to see that SENSIT is recognized for adding true value to ITS projects. It is one of the reasons that more and more cities rely on SENSIT to solve their mobility challenges,” says Ido Wentink, Business Development Manager at Nedap.

During Intertraffic Istanbul from the 24th – 26th of May 2017, Nedap demonstrates its smart parking sensors and long-range vehicle identification solutions.