Research carried out for Nedap reveals that technology is an indispensible tool for saving our memories. So at the Lowlands festival this year – under the slogan of “whatever you lose, don’t lose your memories” – Nedap will be offering festival-goers a helping hand, enabling them to register their experiences using smart technology.

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Nedap understands the importance of technological progress like no other: devices, gadgets and systems – they just keep rolling off the production line. By capturing experiences through the use of smart technology, Nedap is giving Lowlands festival-goers the chance to enjoy the three-day-long rave-up without having to physically snap a thing themselves. And not before time, the research seems to suggest.

Shoot and share
We move with the times, and the fact that we are using electronic aids to do this is backed up by the statistics, which show that our devices are mainly being used to record people and events. No less than 71.5% of us take photos and videos for this purpose – and even more (74.5%) are doing it to share their experiences with others. Yes, there are still those who put their photos in an real album (27.6% of people in the Netherlands), but the vast majority is saving it all on a computer (91.3%) or smartphone (71.1%).

In order to share our experiences with others via social media, we are quite happy just to shoot away and use the very same social accounts for storage and reference. We save our favourite music using Spotify playlists (19%) or we download it all (47%) so that we can build up our own music collections. Are we in meltdown? Well, not really. For 66% of respondents there was no cause for panic. Back-ups have become the norm, even though not everyone has time to arrange their memories properly. In short, digital has become de rigueur.

Festivals & memories
Hmm, isn’t this the last thing we want to be doing during a festival? Wouldn’t it be just great if someone else could do all the recording, saving and checking-in for us? When this question was put to our survey sample, no less than 40% agreed. In response, Nedap has come up with some ingenious technology, especially for Lowlands. Dutch festival-goers regard ambience (62%) as the key festival attraction, followed by the music (50%) and the people (49%). So Nedap has set itself the task of recording everything, saving it and – at the end of it all – producing a personal festival report.

How, you may ask? Well, we’ll do this by providing visitors with a (free) RFID wristband so they can check in at designated checkpoints across the whole festival site. This will record exactly where you are, who you are with and which acts you’ve seen. Fancy a couple of hours’ downtime? Why not check out Nedap’s everything-you’ve-ever-wanted-to-do-at-a-festival bucketlist? Spotify playlists are automatically generated when you check in with an artist, so you can still enjoy those festival moments long after you’ve got home. Roaming photo-teams will be on hand to record you and your friends, so that everything – and we mean everything – can be put together in your own personal festival report. Afterwards, we’ll send the report to your email address. All you have to do is register for your free RFID wristband and activate it when you get to Lowlands. Nedap will look after the rest.

Accountability for research
This research was commissioned by Nedap N.V. and carried out by Kien Onderzoek. The investigation was conducted amongst members of PanelWizard using the internet method. The net sample consisted of 567 working and non-working persons in the Netherlands between the ages of 25 and 30 with higher qualifications. The size of the sample produces a reliability of 95% with a maximum standard deviation of 4.2% compared to the actual situation of the online target group.