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Every day, Nedap’s readers and transponders optimise, monitor and supervise millions of vehicles and drivers around the world. We apply our technology in a wide variety of areas, ensuring the secure, rapid and comfortable flow of vehicles and people at airports, harbours, secured buildings, and more.
Access control, intrusion detection, video- and lockermanagement.
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Urban liveability

As city populations continue to grow, so does the number of vehicles in these urban areas. How do we keep cities liveable? Advanced technology for the long-range identification of vehicles and people definitely plays a role, providing solutions that safeguard security, accessibility and traffic flow.

Known for long-range identification

Nedap is the market leader in the area of long-range identification: our patented solutions identify both the vehicle and the driver, even at the highest of speeds. This provides significant improvement in traffic flow in a variety of areas, including the entrances and exits of parking facilities, airports, industrial estates, cities and other challenging environments. The technology also provides secure, comfortable, and hands-free access inside buildings.

Our products

Nedap develops, produces and sells all of its products and systems itself. With over 30 years of RFID experience, we offer the right solution for every situation. Our products are also easy to integrate into existing systems for access control, parking and traffic management.

This high-end platform is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the 2.45 GHz spectrum. Read more about TRANSIT here.

This cost-efficient product line is based on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology in the 868 – 928 MHz spectrum. Read more about uPASS here.

This license plate recognition product is based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Read more about ANPR here.

Platform for mobile access control using virtual access credentials. Read more about MACE here.

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