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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enables retailers to monitor their merchandise remotely and in real time. Thanks to these applications, retailers can optimise in-store stock levels, reduce store losses and increase sales. They also provide a major advantage: clients can start small and then quickly scale up. Time and again, the results demonstrate that our RFID solutions are a worthwhile investment.
Make your merchandise stand out with smart lighting solutions.
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Protect your staff, buildings and your new collection.
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On-line experience is setting the benchmark

On-line shopping and browsing is a serious challenge for every retailer with physical stores. It has completely changed the way people look for, select and buy products, and many customers know exactly what they want before they even enter the store. This means that the product they want must be in stock at that moment, or the customer will leave empty-handed.

Customer focus

Nedap provides practical solutions for the challenges faced by retailers worldwide. Customers can find what they want, where and when they want it. Store employees no longer waste time looking for products, and instead spend their time on activities that make more sense, such as providing great customer service. Thanks to our solutions, every customer can be king.

100% insight and control

Nedap Retail offers a broad range of high-performance RF and RFID systems for electronic article surveillance (EAS) and in-store stock management. These solutions are cloud-based, and use local and organisation-wide dashboards to provide real-time insight into current stock levels and theft risks. Our advanced, on-line platform also allows retailers to easily monitor and manage all processes and applications in the store.

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