Fast-growing Danish fashion brand GANNI has selected the Nedap iD Cloud platform to achieve full inventory visibility. The first step of this deployment is to achieve full stock visibility in store, which leads to optimized item availability and efficiency gains. As a next step all items, whether located in the distribution centers or in stores, can be consolidated into one centralized inventory. This eliminates the need for separate stock for web order fulfillment and store orders. This allows GANNI to further unlock omnichannel services, such as ship-from-store.

The GANNI brand is known for its scandi-cool aesthetics and the commitment to make better choices across their business. An important step in making fashion more sustainable is to optimize supply chain processes and become as agile as possible. This can only be achieved by full inventory visibility, which allows GANNI to follow each individual garment in every step of its lifecycle. By using RFID technology, GANNI is able to fulfill the increasing consumer demand with the lowest possible inventory levels.

Making decisions that are better for business and environment
“At GANNI, we feel the obligation to minimize our social and environmental impact. With every investment we do, we question ourselves ‘Do we really make a difference here or can we do better?’ Increasing customer satisfaction is also an important driver for us and we want to show that the fashion industry can do better. Implementing RFID allows us to get full visibility of stock in our stores. This builds the fundamentals for omnichannel services, like ship-from-store. The opportunity to consolidate store and DC inventory allows us to use items where we need them. This eliminates overstocking and overproduction, while we make sure our customers are still happy with us”, comments Karolin Stjerna, Supply Chain Director at GANNI.

Proofing the business case for RFID
The first contact with GANNI was established during a Nedap Retail Round Table, a networking event with the objective to connect retailers with each other to share experiences with regards to RFID and its use cases. “One of the reasons why we selected Nedap is the cultural fit we are experiencing. We like the approach of networking and sharing experiences to make retail do better, whether this is from a profit point of view or any other business objective. After also a good business case calculation, we decided to move forward. In two weeks after implementation we increased the inventory accuracy in one of our stores from 93,4% to 99,5%.”, says Stjerna.

Other examples of efficiency gains as a result of implementing the Nedap iD Cloud platform are fast and accurate goods receiving, smooth returns to distribution centers and enabling transfers between stores using RFID. The ‘search’ functionality allows for fast location of styles in store, which enables GANNI to enhance the overall shopping experience by quickly giving customers the items they are looking for.

Opening stores in the US despite the pandemic
What started online is now growing towards a steadily growing omnichannel approach. With recent store openings in the US, GANNI is currently expanding its full brand experience for its global community. Elles te Boome-Harbers, Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail comments: “We are proud to have added GANNI to our iD Cloud platform community. It was a pleasure see how both their RFID project team and the store teams adopted our platform. After just one remote training, GANNI successfully took over the rest. After this first step, we are looking forward to continuing this partnership and accompany this forward-thinking brand in the rest of its RFID journey.