Our team kicked off with three people and half a client. And an ambition: putting the temporary employment agency market on its head while we worked in healthcare. That was the start of a rollercoaster ride that ultimately resulted in the youngest market group of Nedap: Staffing Solutions. Starting out as a spin-off of Healthcare, now a full-fledged, independent market group that sets the temporary work branch in motion!

You’re never too young to have a great idea

With my background in the sports and retail industry, I joined the start-up team of – what is now – Staffing Solutions in 2011. Back then, we were still part of Nedap Healthcare. Our colleagues at Nedap were hugely successful in the unburdening of healthcare employees by taking over the administrative tasks and, in this way, create more time for the patients. Our young team saw an opportunity to put the staffing agency branch on its head with our solution called PEP. Now, the intermediary staff, often burdened by an overload of administrative tasks, would be able to focus on their core business: putting the right people in the right place.

'We saw a gap in the market and jumped straight in'

Growth, growth, growth

We surely managed to shake up the temporary staffing branch. Our Staffing Platform offers a solution that enables the agency to roster and register the entire workforce of a company without getting bogged down in details such as timesheets and endless administrative work. It is pretty cool to contribute to something that has such an impact! I have been doing this ever since I toured around the country as a sales manager to promote our solution. An exciting and challenging time! During my visits, I also made an inventory of the needs within the market so that we can anticipate those as well. Our product PEP kept on growing, our client base kept on growing, we kept on growing, and now we have established ourselves so firmly that we can continue as a new, independent market group.

'We set the temporary staffing branch in motion so that the intermediary staff can focus on their core task'

Move and create scope

At Nedap Staffing Solutions, we want the intermediary staff to do what they do best and which gives them energy. Whether it is selection and recruitment, or commerce; administrative tasks should never get in the way of an intermediary’s development. Is the job done and dusted? For us, the answer will always be ‘no’. Because new insights and changing times also create new needs again, to which we want to give an answer. That is why we always stay on the ball. Nowadays, for example, it is important for intermediaries and their hirers to gain a better insight into the availability and status of a flex pool. Does PEP show them that there was a shortage of packers around Christmas last year? Then they definitely want to train and roster their flex workers in time for this period, so they don’t have to say ‘no’. As a strategic account manager, I and my business relations are constantly looking for ways to make things more efficient and better for them on a commercial and process-based level. This way, intermediaries will get to know their clients better than the clients know themselves, and thus make them even more competitive.

Nedapper Jonathan Lammers

‘After my Sports, Health, and Management studies at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, I found out that a commercial function in the sports industry in Gelderland was very hard to find. I decided to continue studying: Human Resource Management at the University of Twente. I landed a commercial job in retail and was satisfied with this until a friend told me about the vacancy at Nedap. I immediately saw the gap in the market that PEP could fill! And I still see it. I moved up from sales management to account management and now to strategic account management, and I still go to work every day bursting with energy and enthusiasm!’

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