Every year Nedap is enforced by 60 different interns, graduation students, and part-time students, but what is it like to be a student at Nedap in times of a pandemic? Rick Holtman will tell you!

Rick, 20 years old and a third-year ICT student at Saxion Enschede, got to know Nedap during his board year at Syntaxis, Saxion’s study association for ICT-students. Via his study association, he also participated in the Nedap DevDay which is a day specifically organized to draw students out of their lectures and to let them experience how it is to be a developer at Nedap. After this day, Rick was sold: “The organization and its culture immediately appealed to me and, therefore, I decided to apply for an internship at Nedap as soon as I could. And with success!”

Rick is currently an intern at Nedap Healthcare and is busy with updating a great part of an application. “What I like about my internship is that I get a lot of freedom in what I do, how I do it, and that I am responsible for the way I organize my work. Being able to work this way really helps me to learn a lot next to my work-related activities. For example, I also learn how to plan things the right way and how to keep an overview of my work”. He experiences his internship not really as an internship as it really feels that he is a full-fledged part of his team in which he learns a lot.

“What I like about my internship is that I get a lot of freedom in what I do and how I do it"

At the start of his internship, Rick was able to go to our office in Groenlo. However, like the rest of the organization, he works from home as much as possible now. “Luckily everything is fine, partly due to the support Nedap gives me! There are a lot of resources and supervision that eases to work remotely”. Rick uses for instance, amongst other tools, Slack in order to keep in touch with his colleagues and to be able to ask a question once in a while. Next to that, he also meets regularly with his supervisor via Zoom to check whether everything is all right and if he does need some help.

Of course, the fun does not disappear in these online times. There is, for example, an online coffee corner where Rick can talk and chat with his colleagues as well as to play games with them. Every Friday they also game together! “Despite the fact that everything is online, I personally do not miss out on experiences compared to when I was able to go to the office. Nedap is, even with keeping the consequences of corona in mind, a very nice internship place where everything I do really matters.

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