Because mathematics is hidden in everything and you can do anything with it, Marjan decided to study Applied Mathematics. Then she discovered that programming really appealed to her the most. But how do you become a programmer when you have learned for something completely different? Nedap University turned out to be the answer. Nedap University is a post-master program to become a software developer in which you combine learning and working. 

Keep learning

I want to become a very good developer so I can build things that really help people,” says Marjan. Nedap University was exactly what she needed to achieve that. With the logical way of thinking, she had acquired during her studies, but without any real previous knowledge of IT, Marjan signed up.

Fortunately, interest in and affinity with software proved to be the most important factor for admission. For example, many participants have programming as a hobby. What all participants have in common is their curiosity. ‘I want to keep learning,’ says Marjan. The nicest days are the days when you learn new things.

"Learning new things is fun, but being able to apply the theory directly in practice is really interesting"

Being rich in initiative

If Marjan is not in the lecture banks, she works for Nedap’s Security Management market group. Here she chooses what she picks up: ‘I always focus on an issue in the code that fits in with what I am currently learning about at Nedap University. In this way, I ensure myself that theory and practice fit in well. A lot of freedom, but at the same time a lot of responsibility. Because there’s no such thing as participating for nothing

As a Nedap University student, you are also a full member of the team and therefore you work on issues in the real code. Of course, you can always ask for help and your work will be checked. Every time I ask a colleague for help, I get a lecture in itself. Everyone here has so much knowledge! But if you really break something, it is broken, Marjan adds, laughing. Marjan was already working on the server, databases, user interface; no lack of learning materials.

"Actually, I couldn't develop any software at all before I started at Nedap University, but my interest was enough!

Team Nedap University

Nedap University captivated Marjan from the very first module: ‘The first module was immediately incredibly interesting! We started with zero knowledge of Java and within eight weeks we could program a game that communicated with other games via a server. I didn’t expect that! Marjan also tells us that it was hard work. The lessons are fast-paced, but if you follow the lectures and practice a lot in applying the theory, she thinks it is easy to do. Moreover, as a Nedap University team you become close-knit thanks to the many collaborations you do. So having fun is also part of the deal!


Nedap University

Nedap University is a training program to become a software developer in which you combine learning and working. A mathematical background, interest in and affinity with software are the most important criteria for admission.