Graduation Assignment Data Science

Graduation Assignment Data Science
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Graduation Assignment Data Science

  • Location Groenlo
  • Business unit Livestock Management

Nedap Livestock Management is one of the leading vendors of cow monitoring tags. Two of these tags are Nedap Smarttag Leg and Neck, which contain software that analyze movement data and detect meaningful events, such as detecting a cow in estrus or behavioral abnormalities. Another meaningful event that would be valuable to detect is the calving moment in dairy cows. This would be valuable for the farmer, since difficulties during calving can negatively affect the health of both dairy cows and calves. Human assistance during calving is required in up to 17% and 51% of the cases for beef and dairy cows, respectively. To provide the required human assistance, there is a need from dairy farmers to classify the calving moment in dairy cows. 

The objective of this thesis is to classify the calving moment in dairy cows using accelerometer data measured by Nedap Smarttags. At a farm, calving moments of dairy cows were collected and recorded using video recordings. Besides, the cows were wearing Nedap Smarttags to measure the cow movements. The challenge here is to develop a model that classifies the calving moment in dairy cows.

The duration of this thesis project is estimated for six till nine months, depending also on the requirements from the university.

Your team

Do you want to work with good and motivated specialists and do you go for results?

As Intern at Livestock Management you will be working in an inspiring and motivated environment. The data team of Nedap Livestock Management consists of multiple specialists in data science. Enough motivated specialists to work with and develop yourself. You also get the chance to make a difference and take the initiative. We assume a lot of responsibility and ownership.


Our offer

You can work from home or at our cool campus in Groenlo, the choice is yours. You will of course receive a monthly internship allowance and are welcome to attend the 'Nedap Student Day' which is organized every six months. This is an excellent way to get in touch with interns, graduates and working students from other market groups within Nedap. Besides, you receive a laptop to work on during your thesis period.


Required experience and skills

We are looking for a motivated student with a background in data science and would like to elaborate in that field. Some knowledge about prediction models is a plus, but we have got also in house experience to help you in that part.

Nedap Livestock Management

About Nedap Livestock Management

At Nedap Livestock Management we help professional dairy and pig producers around the globe run a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business. The solutions we create enable them to automate everyday tasks and make informed decisions based on individual animal identification and data. This way we empower livestock producers to respond to the growing global demand for animal protein in a way that is both profitable and aligned with rising standards for animal welfare, sustainability, transparency and the safety and quality of food.

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