RFID-based point-of-sale solution enables ultra-fast checkouts, real-time inventory management, and data-driven loss prevention.

Nedap (AMS:NEDAP), the global leader in RFID solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of iD POS 2. Nedap’s iD POS 2 is an RFID-based point-of-sale reader, developed to drastically speed up checkouts. In addition, it gives fashion retailers a real-time view of their inventory, enables data-driven loss prevention, and unlocks many omnichannel concepts. iD POS 2 will be officially launched during EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

iD POS 2 has been designed with Nedap’s goal to empower retailers to create perfect real-time inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses. The point-of-sale solution removes friction from physical shopping experiences and enhances customer service levels securely, enabled by RFID data.

iD POS 2 has been extensively trialed by global retailers, including G-Star RAW and Voice Norge AS. About the new reader’s bulk reading capabilities, Barry van Wijk, Head of Retail Operations at G-Star RAW says: “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy, whether in our stores or online. iD POS 2 guarantees a frictionless checkout experience.”

For Voice Norge AS, the main reason to start with iD POS 2 was its ability to update inventory levels in real-time. Hedda Hjerthén, Head of Supply Chain at Voice Norge AS, comments: “We can now push item-level POS data to iD Cloud, Nedap’s inventory management platform. This enables us to refill our sales floor even more frequently with the right items, based on both sales and cycle count data and boost sales even more.”

“By implementing RFID at the point of sale, retailers can unlock new use cases and
add additional benefits to current RFID infrastructures”, comments Daniël Doorman, Product Manager at Nedap. “iD POS 2 marks an item automatically as ‘sold’ in the RFID database. Combined with an RFID-based EAS system, retailers can eventually move away from hard tags while maintaining the same level of security – or even higher.”

“The real-time view on stock that the iD POS 2 enables, also makes omnichannel services, like Ship-from-Store or Click-and-Collect (BOPIS), much easier”, explains Daniël. “Ultimately, we help retailers provide a unified shopping experience across all platforms. Always having the right item available is key to making this happen.”