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Cancelled: Nedap Masterclass 2020

Nedap’s Masterclass team has some difficult news: we have decided to cancel the Masterclass on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May. It’s the first time in 16 years that we have to come to such a drastic decision.

In this special time there may be things that are just a little bit more important and concern you, such as ‘How will my family and I stay healthy?’ and ‘Can I still graduate this year?

By cancelling the Masterclass, we are responding for both you and our safety to the measures Nedap is taking to limit or prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

We are going to see whether we can still give the Masterclass at a later time this year. If that is not feasible, the next Masterclass will take place in 2021.

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Kickstart your career!

Are you all about work hard and play hard? Do you want to shine with the brightest and best? And make a worldwide impact on fast-paced markets? We immerse you in the wonderful world of technology for three days. We’ll let you run with your ideas while you help us solve our challenges – head-on. All that we ask is that you’re 100% committed and open to learning – and having fun! Hotel, lunch & dinner are on us.

The Nedap Masterclass is our yearly recurring business course for the brightest, most independent and undertaking master students and young professionals of the Netherlands.

What we’re all about

First people, then technology

We improve everyday life for people all over the world through technology. From helping farmers take better care of their animals to improving traffic flow in cities. Wherever technology can play a role, we roll it out.

At the heart of our philosophy is the pursuit of excellence. That’s why we invest in talent. Grow minds. And unlock potential. Granted, our people-first and open culture isn’t for everyone. But that’s what makes us the most versatile hi-tech firm in the Netherlands – and a truly international company with global reach. So if you like working flexibly, and learning from the best…


Selection process (Closed until further notice)

20 April | Registration Deadline

Make sure to register for the business course before the 20th of April 2020 via this form.

22 April | Go/No-go

After the selection process, you’ll get a go or no-go based on your CV and motivation letter and we’ll plan an interview.

23 April - 4 May | Interviews

We’ll get to know each other more during an interview at our Campus in Groenlo.

Book some time in your agenda (at least 2 days) so we can plan the interview on a day that suits us both 😉

7 May | Interview results

We’ll contact you about the result of your interview.

8 May | All the info you need

You’ll receive an e-mail with more information regarding the Masterclass.

13, 14 & 15 May | Masterclass!

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