Nedap Masterclass

13, 14 and 15 May 2020

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Do you want to make an impact on tomorrow’s technology?

The Nedap Masterclass is our yearly recurring business course for the brightest, most independent and undertaking master students and young professionals of the Netherlands. The next Masterclass takes place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2020 at our campus in Groenlo.

The Masterclass in a nutshell

The Nedap Masterclass is no shallow introduction to a company from the ‘Achterhoek’. During three days you’ll be submerged in the world of technology, making a worldwide impact in fast-paced markets and adding personal value to the social themes of tomorrow. We invite you to take these challenges head-on, together with us.

These three days are dedicated to ‘work hard, play hard’; committing yourself 200% while still enjoying yourself. Because at Nedap we love to see happy and motivated employees, as they are the force behind our company. Of course, these days are fully cared for, we’ll book you a hotel room, serve lunches and dinners.

Are you a Masterclasser?

  • Master student in the final fase of your study or recently graduated;
  • Taking ownership, resilience and personal leadership are your core values. That means having a strong sense of responsibility and converting your ideas into actions;
  • At Nedap it doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished, we care about what you can and want to learn. You’ll be constantly developing and gaining new insights. We expect you are capable to learn and that’s something that isn’t for everyone;
  • You speak and understand both Dutch and English;
  • You are interested in technology, strategy, innovation, commercialism or marketing.

“The Masterclass gives you the opportunity to prove yourself within the most successful create&scale company within the Netherlands.”

Steven Heijs

Masterclass Alumni -

What we’re all about

First people, then technology

Even though Nedap is a technology company at heart, our strength is that we always put people first. ‘First people, then technology’ is what we call it. We do so by observing people – and what they need to perform better – before we start developing technology.

Think about better traffic flow in cities. Protecting the safety and privacy of civilians worldwide. Or how we can guarantee our ever-growing food requirements by the use of smart technologies in the livestock industry.

To maintain a leading position in our markets in the future, Nedap is always looking for the smartest students of the country. From data analytics magicians to commercial talents and creative designers; as a talent, you can kickstart your career at Nedap. Are you driven, undertaking and up for a real challenge? Then you’re fit to be a Masterclasser! Apply with the button below.

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