New cloud-based software is always on and always thinking, creating insights not every dairy farmer has but every farm needs.

Accessing your dairy herd’s data just got easier thanks to Nedap Now. The new software platform enhances the Nedap CowControl system farmers use and trust daily with cloud-based insights – allowing access to timely information around the clock from any location.

“There’s a high demand for easy, reliable and accessible data processing, storage and sharing,” says Evine van Riemsdijk, CowControl global application manager for Nedap. “Nedap Now brings that all together and enables dairy farmers and their teams to make more informed management decisions from anywhere.”

Nedap Now harnesses all the data collected by a farm’s suite of tools and creates something not every farmer has – insight. These understandings create opportunities for better data integration and services for Nedap’s dairy innovation partners while also supporting farmers to make better management decisions on tactical, strategic and operational levels.

New management possibilities

The cloud-based software solution uses enhanced processing power and the farm’s stored data to inform the new and improved insights Nedap Now provides farmers.

As a result, users gain:

  • Advanced, comprehensive insight into reproductive behavior and performance
  • Improved custom work lists and reports
  • More historical data available over longer periods of time
  • Better analyses by combining data from multiple farm locations into one overview
  • An accessible and reliable system thanks to online and offline functionality
  • Powerful connections to third-party software to save time with administrative tasks
  • Differentiation in data access for managers, employees or third parties

The software allows farmers to think and act more proactively with herd management versus pivoting when issues occur.

“Instead of putting out fires on a daily basis, this technology helps us predict and mitigate the risk of fires,” explains veterinarian Megan Schrupp, co-owner of NexGen Dairy LLC, Eden Valley, Minnesota.

“We use the data to make informed decisions, use preventative strategies and be more proactive with our management. Where previously we would have to be reactive to an event, like a group of cows with lower milk production, now we can get in front of a situation,” she says. “And with the cloud, we can access this data whenever we need, no matter where we are.”

“We’ve gone from ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’ to hard numbers that help us hear what the cows are actually saying and move us to that next level,” she adds. “Data also helps our employee team be so much more efficient because we can focus on the things the data tells us we need to address rather than trying to find issues needing to be dealt with.”

This shift helps Schrupp and her team focus on the insights, decisions and actions that bring the most value to the dairy, which is a significant benefit to Nedap Now and its herd data analysis capabilities.

A better fit for dairy farmers

The hunger for data is growing and will continue to rise over the coming years. Nedap Now creates a more flexible data processing solution that’s a better fit for dairy farmers.

“The software combines advanced algorithms and calculations with innovative data integration possibilities to provide the most insights and ease of use,” says van Riemsdijk. “We’re taking everything farmers trust about Nedap CowControl and enhancing it to serve dairy farmers and their herds even better.”