Innovative Energy-Saving Feature Introduced as part of Nedap’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ Sustainability Strategy

Nedap (AMS: NEDAP) is proud to announce the latest feature of its EAS systems: Sleep Mode. With Sleep Mode, retailers can switch their EAS systems to standby mode at night to save energy. Thanks to iSenseOS, which allows current systems to be updated remotely, this new feature can be used on over 10.000 existing in-store EAS systems worldwide.

Financial Benefits for Retailers

Wouter Kaag, Product Manager at Nedap, delves into the advantages of the new feature. “Sleep Mode allows our RF and RFID EAS systems to enter a low-power state at night without compromising their ability to resume full operation quickly. This reduces energy consumption by at least 30% during these periods, lowering operating costs and increasing energy efficiency.”

A Significant Step in Nedap’s Sustainability Strategy

The introduction of the Sleep Mode feature is a tangible outcome of Nedap’s sustainability strategy, ‘Do The Right Thing.’ Shannon Smit, Team Lead Sustainability at Nedap, shares the broader vision of this strategy. “While the energy savings for individual stores are certainly significant, Nedap’s ultimate aim extends beyond that. With our global presence, implementing Sleep Mode across our entire network could save approximately 1026 MwH of power. To put this into perspective, that’s the equivalent of the annual energy used by more than 400 Dutch households.”

Comprehensive Management with Device Management Platform

Sleep Mode is readily available in Nedap’s Device Management Platform. In the platform, Nedap’s certified service partners can set start and end times for Sleep Mode for one store or all systems within a country or division. The Sleep Mode feature also allows advanced customization of schedules for subdivisions of stores and pausing it for specific stores.

Towards a Sustainable Future with Nedap

ShapeThe introduction of Sleep Mode represents a significant step forward for both Nedap and its retail partners in pursuing sustainability and energy efficiency. Because Sleep Mode is released on systems in tens of thousands of stores, retailers can positively impact the environment without buying new technology. With Sleep Mode now available, Nedap remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with the company’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ sustainability strategy.

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