At Nedap N.V.’s AGM, which was held in Groenlo today, the shareholders approved all of the agenda items brought to a vote. The shareholders have issued a recommendation to vote in favour of the 2022 remuneration report. The 2022 financial statements have also been adopted and a decision has been made to pay out a dividend of € 3,00 per ordinary share. The members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board have been granted discharge, and the Board of Directors has again been designated as the competent body to acquire and issue Nedap’s ordinary shares. This includes the authorisation to restrict or exclude preferential rights.

During the AGM Mr J.M.L. van Engelen has been reappointed as member of the Supervisory Board for a final term of 2 years. In addition, Ms. M. Pijnenborg was reappointed as Supervisory Board member for a four-year term. The AGM also appointed Mr. S.C. Santema as member of the Supervisory Board for a period of 4 years.