The Nedap Story

Life teaches us about people. We have learned that we can only sustain our purpose of Technology for life when it has impact with true value, and when it has a tangible positive impact in people’s professional lives.

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Our philosophy

At the heart of our Technology for Life philosophy is our drive to truly understand what people need to excel in their professional lives. It is based on two main principles:

Our philosophy
First people, then technology

One of the most important lessons, is that it is all about people. What we learn from them, inspires us on our journey to create Technology for Life. That is why our approach is always people-centered: first people, then technology.

Long-term perspective

We understand it takes time, energy, and tenacity to gain knowledge and overcome obstacles. Designing and delivering Technology for life requires a long-term perspective. Being able to afford this perspective is essential for the continuity of our purpose.

Our assets:
people, culture, leadership

The strength of Nedap is based on the quality of our people, our culture,
and our perspective on leadership. These elements collectively
form the basis of our distinctive capabilities.


Creating Technology for Life requires talented people who fully understand technology. Nedap Campus in Groenlo (the Netherlands) is home to a vibrant community that wants to make the most of its ambitions, talents, and dreams.


We value an open culture where people are encouraged to speak up, and share their insights. In a discussion the quality of arguments counts. People are trusted to do the right thing, and will always be stimulated to grow, to learn, and to inspire others.


Because we believe leadership should not be limited to a few people, every employee is expected to show personal leadership. It is about taking responsibility and act upon it. It is about taking the lead.

Our approach:
we observe, we create, we scale

Icon We observe. We observe.

We study the markets where we are active in, and we participate in the professional lives of people in those markets to gain valuable insights of what they need to become even better in what they do.

Icon We create. We create.

We create elegant solutions and easy to use. All in order to meet people’s professional needs.

Icon We scale. We scale.

Once we have demonstrated our relevance in a market, we want to be able to grow quickly. When creating solutions, scalability is essential.

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