Press release – Nedap completes share buy-back programme

Groenlo, 22 December 2017

Nedap has repurchased 6,083 shares in the period from 18 December 2017 through 22 December 2017. The shares were repurchased for an average price of € 43.48 per share, for a total amount of € 264,509.52.

These repurchases conclude the buy-back programme announced by Nedap on 22 November 2017. Under the buy-back programme, Nedap repurchased 32,086 ordinary shares, or 0.48% of the company’s outstanding shares, in the period from 22 November 2017 up to and including 22 December 2017 for a total consideration of € 1,363,012.41 and at an average price of € 42.48 per share. The repurchased shares will be used to cover Nedap’s obligations under its employee participation schemes.