Nedap (AMS:NEDAP), the global leader in RFID solutions, is selected by major French-based womenswear retailer Promod to deploy the iD Cloud platform throughout its stores. After rolling out to Promod’s own retail stores, the aim is to connect international partner stores. The deployment of all owned and affiliated stores has been achieved in less than a year. The main objective is to leverage real-time inventory data to unlock Pick-from-Store, enabling Promod to use store inventory for omnichannel purposes.

Promod is known for a wide variety of fresh styles with French feminine allure, with new items coming in each week. To make sure items hit the right sales channels, Promod is applying RFID labels at the point of manufacture which allows for item tracking in all 420 stores and inbound verification in distribution centers in real-time. This unified view on inventory data allows Promod for accurate demand fulfillment, whether the consumer decides to purchase online or in store.

Status management
“Retail and the way consumers are engaging with brands is changing. That means we had to change too. We have always been good in building great customer experiences, especially in our stores. To enhance this experience now and in the future we need to know exactly where items are in the supply chain. In addition to location, it is also important that we know their status. That way, we can be sure that an item reserved online to be picked up later from the store is not accidentally sold in the meantime. This is only possible if we have real-time insight into stock data”, says Olivier Parenti, International Sales Manager at Promod.

Fully IT-integrated within two months
After carefully weighing a handful of providers against each other, Promod decided to move forward with Nedap. Claire Thelliez, CIO at Promod comments: “We were looking for a robust solution with proven technology. Nedap appeared to be the best vendor in the market, able to offer a scalable solution. The API-driven approach allowed us to start and scale quickly with a small task force.”

Promod integrated ERP and POS systems with the iD Cloud platform within two months using APIs. “The fact that a far-reaching IT project can be completed so quickly with a small team, in the middle of a lockdown due to a pandemic, says enough about the scalability of this solution. People on the store floor are also responding enthusiastically to the iD Cloud solution. This is positive for us, as it will further accelerate the adoption of RFID technology within our organization in partnership with Nedap”, says Claire Thelliez.

Merchandise simply available
To continue the growth of Promod’s fan base, product availability is vital. The use of RFID technology ensures that Promod can guarantee this, without having to overproduce and overstock. Myriam Beugnet, Director of RFID Retail Solutions at Nedap France: “We are delighted that Promod has chosen us as its RFID partner. The pragmatic approach of both their project team and ours has proven to be a pleasant collaboration so far. We are proud to have successfully rolled out our RFID solution during a challenging period where we couldn’t always meet in person and will continue to help them pursue their digitalization strategy, where providing the ultimate shopping experience is ultimately our common goal.”