Consistently high quality and uniformity across the world

Manufacturer ROCKWOOL International A.S. has chosen Nedap’s Global Client Programme to secure its offices and factories worldwide. AEOS, the physical security platform by Nedap installed during the programme, enables ROCKWOOL to establish a truly global security policy and unified work processes.

An advanced project rollout, the Global Client Programme is developed for large multinationals and offers several benefits, including standardisation across sites, shorter implementation times and cost efficiencies.

Large international rollouts made easy
ROCKWOOL has 28 factories across the world. The Global Client Programme connects all of these factories and ROCKWOOL’s office premises, and standardises the company’s security measures throughout the world.

Fokko van der Zee, managing director at Nedap Security Management, says: “The implementation of a standardised security solution across the world is a complex process. It involves a large project spanning many years and involving many stakeholders, and demands a high level of project management. In the absence of a structured program with defined guidelines, a global security rollout is likely to be a stressful execution. That’s why we set up our carefully designed Global Client Programme.”

ROCKWOOL Digital Service Lead, Matthew Thorne, agrees: “We’ve worked with Nedap over the past few years and recently became a member of their Global Client Programme. Now we’re equipped with the people and tools we needed to standardise our physical security solution. The Global Client Programme also minimises risk and guarantees compliance. It really meets our needs in every possible way.”

A framework for total control
The Global Client Programme is designed to ensure monitoring and control during every step of the rollout process. Timon Padberg, responsible for business development at Nedap Security Management, explains: “The repetitive nature of local site deployments allows us to work with models and templates, such as standard proposal and calculation documents. We can therefore produce a scalable process that ensures uniformity and a consistently high quality of implementation across each site.”

Achieving efficient standardisation
By using the Global Client Programme, ROCKWOOL is aiming for uniformity and alignment across all sites. The programme also helps achieve cost savings by avoiding initial setup costs per site and having one central security platform instead of several. Moreover, there are significant savings on operational and maintenance costs due to shared services and economies of scale.