Almost 63 but still learning and growing

Gerard Blok @ Nedap Security Management

Hello, I’m Gerard. I’m a Software Developer and Tester and have worked at Nedap for almost 28 years.


What does no one know about you?

I’m a family man. I have a wife, three children and a dog. And I was born on a farm in the scenic Veluwe region. That probably explains why I love everything to do with nature and biology – especially birds. I also enjoy foraging for food and growing my own fruit and veg. Plus, I brew my own beer. I spend as much time outdoors as is possible and really enjoy cycling. In the winter, I turn to indoor rowing. What is known about me is that I love helping people solve problems and explaining how things work. My children don’t always appreciate that. “Papa, we don’t need to know” they say.


Can you describe your role within Nedap?

My role is pretty much that of an encyclopedia! Like I said, I love helping people. At the moment, I’m working on our access control system AEOS – which I’ve been involved in from the very start. I regularly consult with the team to ensure the product is as bug-free as possible and has great functionality. I’m also a tester and try to put myself in the position of the customer. I want them to be happy so it’s important to be critical.


What’s your code?

C, Pascal and Java.


What attracted you to Nedap?

The first thing that comes to mind is freedom. You decide how you fill your workday: nobody tells you what to do. Plus there’s always plenty to do! The Achterhoek, where Nedap is located, is also a beautiful area with lots of nature: a home from home for me. All-in-all, Nedap turned out to be an incredibly nice company to work for!


What are your ambitions at Nedap?

I’m almost 63 but haven’t stopped learning and growing. I’m still very interested in technology and aim to stay up to date with the latest innovations as far as possible into the future. I would also love the opportunity to work on the proposed cloud solution for our security management system. And, of course, help more young developers find their feet at Nedap.

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