Jeroen de Jong @ Nedap Staffing Solutions

Hello. I’m Jeroen. I’m a back-end engineer and I’ve worked at Nedap since 2016.


What does no one know about you?

I was part of a team for one-and-a-half years that entered RoboCup, an international robotics competition for universities. We developed robot football – the autonomous robots could compete against another team! I worked on the software system that determined the strategy – and could adjust it, depending on how the game was going.


Role within Nedap?

I’m currently working with a small team on a new product that supports the relationship between employment agencies and flexi-workers. I do a little of everything: setting up servers, UX meetings, front end and back end. I also visit customers to see the difference our product is making – and where it could be improved. My days are often unpredictable and full of challenges!


What’s your code?

We have the freedom to choose whatever we think is the best fit! I have a background in SSR applications in Ruby and Java. Our product uses ReactJS for the front end and Clojure for the back end. Clojure is especially interesting because it’s not something you come across every day. But it’s a lot of fun and extremely powerful.


What attracted you to Nedap?

The huge amount of autonomy while also knowing you’re never alone. Most people are always willing to chip in and help – even across the market groups. That means there’s always someone on hand with the right expertise – and who you can learn from. Funnily enough, I originally worked with Nedap as a consultant but when we started with a new product, I jumped ship!


Nedap ambitions?

I’m particularly excited by this new product we’ve been building from scratch. I got involved early on and from day one, I’ve been able to make important decisions about its future direction. The foundations are now in place and our first customers are on board. This means I have the opportunity to work closely with them to optimise it. I’m really looking forward to adding more complex features.