Joeri Landman @ Nedap Healthcare

Hello. I’m Joeri. I’m a Software Developer and have worked at Nedap since 2015.


What does no one know about you?

I still work out at my old student association. I play floorball – a sort of indoor ice hockey also known as “uni hockey” – which was invented in Sweden in the 1960s. It’s a fun, very fast sport. Luckily, as a goalkeeper, I don’t have to run!


Role within Nedap?

My main tasks focus on the data exchange between various applications in Nedap Healthcare under the motto “for more love between applications”. Consequently, an employee only has to enter the address of a client in one place. There are no set roles within our team, made up of four developers and a team captain. We all work together to achieve our goals – dividing the tasks based on interest as much as possible.


What’s your code?

My interests are mainly Java, Groovy, and JavaScript. I don’t get to use any UX or JavaScript for my regular work, so I take a trip to other projects every now and then to get my fix! Usually, the team works in Java and Ruby – the languages ​​most of the Healthcare applications are made in.


What attracted you to Nedap?

The added value for society – without a doubt. As a techie, I’m able to contribute directly to the work process for employees in healthcare. And in turn, better healthcare. I was lucky because Nedap offered me the opportunity to plan my work very flexibly around my personal situation. And also turn my hobby into my work!

I also love that you have a lot of freedom to make the most of your skills. What’s more, Nedap and my colleagues genuinely care about each other. This creates a kind of family atmosphere which really makes it pleasant to work.


Nedap ambitions?

I have no specific goal that I want to personally achieve within Nedap Healthcare. However, there’s a great deal of potential within the entire group just waiting to be unleashed. I’d actually love to support and improve the work process of my colleagues for a long time to come. Just as they support and improve the work process of healthcare employees.