Ronny Boland @ Nedap Identification Systems

Hello. I’m Ronny. I’m a Software Architect and Team Captain of the Software Services development team and have worked at Nedap since 2017.


What does no one know about you?

I like to listen to music while I’m working – anything from classics like Pink Floyd to Boris Brejcha. It varies depending on my mood. I’m married, have four children and was born and raised here in the Achterhoek region. I like to travel and also really enjoy working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It makes working at Nedap fun. And as our products and services are used worldwide, I’m constantly in touch with colleagues and customers in the Middle East and the US.


Role within Nedap?

I started as a software architect three years ago but, last year, I was made team captain of the software services development team. We’re currently working on a new modular multi-tenant cloud platform solution for managing and processing data for parking guidance, parking enforcement and access control for vehicles. The platform processes real-time information from wireless sensor networks and access systems that are used worldwide in Smart Parking or Smart City applications. And the information is made available to our customers through portals and APIs. Key to this is information security, scalability, and UX design.


What’s your code?

We use a modern technology stack that includes Docker, Kafka, Redis, MySQL, Nginx, Elasticsearch and React. Java and Kotlin are the main programming languages.


What attracted you to Nedap?

Where to begin? Freedom. Responsibility. Entrepreneurship. Fun. Creativity. Lovely colleagues. And contact with customers and colleagues from all over the world.

It’s also a cool company. And extraordinarily unique in terms of innovation, high-tech, worldwide reach and its people. And although the market groups are independent and relatively small, they’re part of a large international company. It’s this small scale that makes it more fun: you are closer to the market and also very involved with the end-users.

It’s also fantastic to develop innovative products with other enthusiastic Nedappers using the latest technologies. We’re completely into the Internet of Things (IoT), data communication, storage, processing, and analysis. The work includes a nice mix of hardware devices (sensors) and software platforms.


Nedap ambitions?

In my current role, I enjoy a nice balance of management, technical and soft skills – such as coaching and managing my team. I want to keep developing myself in all these areas. I also really like improving new products and services, as well having contact with our customers.