Jeroen Tijsterman @ Nedap Security Management

Hello, I’m Jeroen. I’m a Front-end Developer and have worked at Nedap since 2021.


Role within Nedap?

I’m working as a front-end developer in a team that builds the next generation of physical access control software.

My primary motivation in creating software is making things possible in an enjoyable and user-friendly way.


What’s your code?

Angular, BEM, Typescript, GraphQL, 3D visualization, whatever technology is handy.


What attracted you to Nedap?

Nedap is creating innovative and relevant software and hardware. There are loads of opportunities for professional and personal growth as well as room for personal initiatives. Our high quality standards combined with attention for the human aspects make working at Nedap enjoyable and fulfilling.


Nedap ambitions?

Most of my career, I’ve been working with one foot in UX and one foot in code and now I’m sharpening my software architecture skills.