Arthur van Leeuwen @ Nedap Security Management

Hello, I’m Arthur. I’m a Software Architect and have worked at Nedap since 2017.

What does no one know about you?

Dutch is actually my second language! I learnt it explicitly as a child. That experience made it easier for me to learn many different programming languages. I also speak four natural languages with a certain degree of confidence. However, I’ve largely lost my native language – Brazilian Portuguese. I still understand some of it but can no longer express myself in it.

Role within Nedap?

I’m the technical lead of a team of roughly 12 people that ensures the next release of our access control software AEOS is stable and includes new functionality. Together, we work out how our customers’ wishes can be incorporated into the existing system. Then we implement them in both the front end and the back end.

What’s your code?

Our software is written in Java and was first released some 20 years ago. Although it’s been skillfully developed over the years, its age does pose quite a few challenges! This is because many developers have worked on it over the years plus some of the details about implementation choices are no longer known. We’re lucky, however. There are at least six devs in our business unit who have been on the AEOS journey since the start.

What attracted you to Nedap?

The challenge of working on an already successful product that had been in development for years. I’d never had such a challenge before, and it suited me perfectly as I was particularly looking for growth opportunities. That Nedap believes in their employees taking responsibility and shows corresponding trust was a bonus!

Nedap ambitions?

Over the next few years, I’d like to make our access control system easier to install and maybe make it available in a cloud environment. I also want to continue committing myself to Nedap University and other forms of guidance to help with the growth and development of myself and my fellow Nedappers.