Supporting academic research

Nedap is a high tech company that does fundamental and applied research itself, but also collaborates with research universities and universities of applied science within various national and international projects. We do this to learn new things that enable us to build better products, but also to enable universities to do fundamental research.

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Our research activities

We perform research activities internally at Nedap, including BSc or MSc graduation projects, for many domains and share these results freely when we can. This way, we hope to promote research in these domains, and facilitate the creation of large, realistic datasets that lead to technologies that work for everybody.

Nedap is an interesting academic partner, because many of our products have a big market share in their respective markets. This supports big-data analysis and complex data analysis of data gathered in the real world at scale. These domains include, but are not limited to, the livestock, healthcare, security, retail and vehicle identification domains.

Our datasets

For most academic projects, our larger datasets are only shared within the research consortium or shared via the research project’s own webpage. If you’re interested in the data used within a specific academic project, we kindly ask you to reach out to the contact person of the respective project. This page lists datasets of our own experiments that are not tied to a specific academic research project.

Nedap currently shares the following datasets for academic use:

  • Nedap Activity Dataset – mmWave radar point cloud recordings combined with skeleton data, for the purpose of pose estimation and human behaviour recognition.