An interview with Madalynn Lauria – Business Developer North America for Nedap Retail

It had never occurred to me to work for a Dutch company. Actually, I was not even looking for a new job in the first place. But when Nedap approached me asking if I wanted to expand the market for Nedap Retail in America, my curiosity was sparked. A Dutch company in which you are an entrepreneur within your business unit? A company in which fixed working hours or fixed holidays do not apply since your personal responsibility and freedom are key? What kind of special organization was this?

Entrepreneurial, adventurous ambiance

The freedom to undertake was the reason I said ‘yes’ to Nedap. Before, I used to work at different start-ups. So, I love the entrepreneurial, adventurous atmosphere you have over there. But of course, there are the usual challenges within this start-up world as well. Like the financial struggles for example. I do not have those struggles at Nedap. As a matter of fact, in my position as a business developer, I combine the best of both worlds: I can enjoy the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up but without any financial struggles.

‘I combine the best of two worlds: the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up without any financial struggles.’

Madalynn Lauria

Business Developer - North America


Doing business from an advisory position

Before I decided to work at Nedap, I wondered if their way of doing business would work for the American market. During the conversations I had with Nedap, we discussed this in detail. How were we going to ensure that this would work? A big difference, for example, is that here at Nedap we do business more from an advisory perspective. Our approach is more focused on conducting a dialogue with our partners and customers, rather than telling them what to do. This feels refreshing. So, it is not a big surprise that with this business approach we are attracting a lot of interest in America.

‘Our business focuses on conducting a dialogue with our partners and customers.’

The Nedap community

And now, since I started working at Nedap, I notice that the Nedap community is about much more than just your personal responsibility and freedom. For example, you decide your own route and career path at Nedap. And with that, if necessary, you can get the necessary support of course. Such as training or coaching. Contact with my Dutch colleagues is very warm and pleasant, even though I work from America. We are always in touch by telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail. At first, it sometimes was a challenge to judge for ourselves whether we should or should not do something: a responsibility every Nedapper has because not everything is fixed. Now that I have found my own way in this, I would not want anything else!

Nedapper Madalynn Lauria

‘I have been working as a business developer at Nedap Retail since September 2018. Within this position I am responsible for expanding our market in America. And I love it! Due to the high level of autonomy within my position, I have got the feeling that I am contributing something every day. In addition, I notice that my work is appreciated. Because of the flat organizational structure within Nedap, I keep challenging myself and I keep learning. I can definitely say I enjoy going to work every single day.’

Vacancy: Project Manager

Wakefield MA.

Vacancy: Business Developer

Wakefield MA.