It’s April 2018. Dennis was approaching the final phase of his Business & IT studies at the University of Twente and started looking for a company to graduate at. He orientated himself towards companies in the region and Nedap was an obvious company for him to apply for. During the job interview that followed, his interests and opportunities soon came together. He was able to join the Services Team of Nedap Retail. What started with graduation resulted in a job as a Data Consultant.

Driven by personal interests I created my own job

Right from the start, there was intensive contact between me and my internship supervisor. We talked regularly about the progress in my development and the opportunities I spotted: Retail had to do more with data. During the assignment I was working on, driven by my interests in data, I was the first to use data in combination with BI tooling. This made things faster and easier. Instead of taking the same steps every time, they were now prepared first. The opportunities were seen by colleagues within the market group and they quickly moved on afterward. This created a new position because what I did was valuable.

From student to Data Consultant

I was offered a job as a Data Consultant that I really liked. It fitted perfectly with what I hoped to do after my studies and the role suited me very well as a person. I was able to continue with the experiences and knowledge I had gained during my graduation. As a Data Consultant, I am the link between customers and developers. Nothing is more fun than solving the puzzle between what customers want and translating it into the work of our developers.

Dennis Muller Nedap

Dare to do

The freedom I was given during graduation to discover for myself how I could combine my interests with what I wanted to do for Nedap has been essential for me to successfully find my place within Nedap. That does require the skill to dare to take initiatives itself. But what really helped is that Nedap is a super social company where everyone is very accessible and works hard to get the best out of themselves. That has greatly stimulated the drive to also get the best out of myself for Nedap.

Unique culture

The amount of freedom that people get at Nedap is based on a unique culture. There is a high degree of trust to be able to achieve beautiful things together. Market groups seek each other out to learn from each other. If you can demonstrate that something is good for Nedap, a lot is possible. When I look at myself: a function has been created for me because it was seen that what I did added value. In the meantime, the function has even changed a bit, because I wanted to have more direct contact with clients. Last but not least: it’s also very sociable, everyone is doing great things and is noticeably proud to be able to do so for Nedap. It is a company where there is room to grow as fast as you want.

Internship & Graduation

During your studies you gained a lot of knowledge. But what can you do with that in practice? A lot at Nedap. We invest in talent. And so we take you and your personal development seriously.

Nedap University
Nedap University

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