Key points

  • Q3 revenue in 2022 was up 7% on Q3 of the previous year.
  • Over the first nine months of 2022, revenue was up 10% on the same period in 2021. Recurring revenue rose 21% and now makes up 31% of revenue (2021: 28%).
  • Continuing investments in growth in combination with higher purchase prices are putting pressure on the operating margin.
  • Nedap expects revenue in the second half of 2022 to be higher than in the relatively strong second half-year of 2021.

Nedap’s revenue increased by 7% in the third quarter. All business units except Security Management posted revenue growth. Nedap propositions remain in high demand, but persistent component shortages slowed down revenue growth. This meant that the business units Light Controls, Livestock Management, Retail and Security Management in particular were unable to complete deliveries or experienced delays. As well as slowing down revenue growth, the supply chain disruptions also cause production costs to increase. Nedap is not only looking for short-term solutions, but also continues to work on making the supply chain more robust and sustainable in the long term.

Depending on the growth potential and strategic importance, investments will continue to be made in developing propositions and attracting employees. In the third quarter, this once again led to the successful recruitment and retention of talent.

Download the full press release: Press release – Trading update Q3 2022 Nedap N.V.