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More than 80,000 healthcare professionals work with Nedap Healthcare's user-friendly and intuitive software every day. Thanks to these intelligent tools, care professionals work completely independently.
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Increased workload, older people live at home longer

The pressure on healthcare professionals is increasing. Care budgets are shrinking. We are getting increasingly older and living at home longer. How can we satisfy this increasing demand for healthcare with limited resources? Only by organising work more intelligently. This is the market in which Nedap Healthcare has become the leader.

More time for care

We provide healthcare professionals with tools for using their time optimally. Our social software provides insight into the activities of (neighbourhood) teams, both financially and socially. Are patients getting the attention and care that they need? Are all parties involved being kept informed? All the information required to manage the healthcare process intelligently is available.

The reins in hand

Nedap healthcare tools give care teams complete responsibility for all phases of the healthcare process. All the tools are optimised for mobile use: from planning and scheduling to accessing medical records and communication between professional care and family and invoicing from one’s own calendar. Nedap healthcare continuously develops new tools for patients. This way, they can perform measurements themselves (weight, blood pressure, measurements with the Apple Watch) and maintain these in an on-line record, soon allowing everyone to have his own personal medical record (PMR).

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