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Pig farmers in more than 20 countries worldwide work with Nedap Livestock Management. Regardless of the size of their herd, our technology enables them to keep an eye on each phase of the animals' life cycle. Nedap's system ensures that each pig receives care on the basis of its individual needs, improving both profits and the pigs’ well-being.
Reproduction, health monitoring and heat detection for cows.
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Increasing scale requires a different business operation

Pork remains the most consumed meat around the world, and the demand for this source of protein is growing every year. The pig farm sector is responding with increases in scale. At the same time, requirements with respect to quality and food safety are becoming increasingly stringent. The care and management of individual pigs, as well as the management of their productivity is becoming more challenging than ever.

Intelligent housing systems

Nedap Livestock Management provides systems that track and manage the condition and performance of each pig separately. The system is based on ear buttons that contain Nedap’s intelligent identification technology (RFID). So whether the farmer is concerned with automatic feeding, sorting and separating, weighing, or detecting fertility… all of the information needed for managing the pigs individually is available on their PC, tablet or smart phone.

Healthy pigs and peace of mind

Nedap is closely linked with the pork industry and develops all of its systems together with swine producers. We give swine producers around the world an answer to the question of how they can overcome the challenges of scale increases to ensure their animals’ well-being. Our solutions also save time for the farmer, creating insight, contributing to sustainable solutions, and providing peace of mind for healthy pig farm operations.

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