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Nedap's technology keeps urban traffic moving: our sensors, controllers and readers help drivers find a parking space, and also help keep the inner city safe for the shopping public. Each city uses one central location to maintain full control over who has access, where and when. Nedap's wireless parking sensors also provide real-time information about parking space occupation.
Nedap Mobility Solutions is part of the Nedap business unit Identification Systems.
Long-range vehicle and driver identification
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Access control, intrusion detection, video- & locker management
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Urban liveability

As populations in our cities grow, so does the number of vehicles. Cities are expected to be smart about urban mobility, but they all face the same question: how can they control vehicle flow? This has led to an increasing need for intelligent technology for parking management and dynamic urban access.

Intelligent parking

30% of all city traffic consists of drivers looking for a parking space. Now, Nedap’s SENSIT provides real-time parking space information. Wireless sensors in the road surface detect the presence of vehicles. Dynamic signs along the road and smartphone apps comfortably and quickly guide drivers to an available parking space close to their destination. This results in less search traffic, less CO2 emissions, better parking space occupancy rates, and more efficient parking enforcement.

Smooth traffic flow

Nedap technology also provides solutions for dynamic urban access. Our Vehicle Management Controller (VMC) manages vehicle access to specific areas in inner cities, such as shopping areas. At the same time, emergency services, suppliers and certified taxis are ensured rapid and easy access to the city centres through license plate recognition or RFID. It increases the attractiveness of urban centres around the world.

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